Moa Hansson Broman

Project Leader
Landscape architect LAR/MSA
0725-34 33 13

Moa has experience from a broad spectrum of different projects, from early design stages, to the execution and supervision of the building process, to the completion of said projects in planning their maintenance and care.

Previous employment within the public and private sectors have given Moa the knowledge and understanding of both a leadership role and a more practical ’hands-on’ approach, while engaging in fruitful collaborations, she has striven to get innovative and high-quality results.

Moa is driven by making resilient, sustainable, and beautiful spaces that make people want to explore, use, and enjoy their outdoor surroundings. Moa believes that if one takes into account childrens’ perspectives into the act of planning a space one will always accomplish most of the aforementioned goals. Therefore, Moa has been working with a lot of projects that relate to her areas of interest & expertise: creating strategies and policies, as well as designing playscapes and places, that activate youths and children.