David Gough

Studio manager - Landscape Design
Landscape architect LAR/MSA CMLI
0727-34 33 98

David is originally from Wales in the United Kingdom, where through skateboarding he got an early interest in urban spaces and architecture. This interest then led him to study landscape architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University where he won the award for Britain’s best under-graduate project in 2OOO.

After graduation, David was employed at Lovejoy London (formerly Derek Lovejoy Partnership) in London for 1O years where he had the opportunity to work on many complex and innovative landscape projects. Projects include the Home Office’s headquarters in London, the Finzels Reach development project in Bristol and the Olympic North Park in London for the Olympic Games 2O12.

David moved to Sweden in 2O11 and as an employee of Varberg Municipality has been project and design manager for Spööökitetsparken, a themed playground in close proximity to the historical castle and old town, Multipark Varberg, a planned park for street-connected activities and Stadsdelspark Sörse, a neighbourhood park with focus on social and environmental regeneration of a somewhat forgotten residential area.

Since joining MARELD in 2O14 David has worked on a variety of medium to large scale projects including the Kongahälla urban expansion project in Kungälv and most recently Jubilee Park as part of Gothenburg’s 4OO-year anniversary. David continues to pursue his interest in skateboarding through project works, seminars and active engagement with other professionals and associations.

As of 2O2O David became the MARELD Landscape groups Team Leader.