Anna Krassuski

Landscape architect MSc
0725-34 33 07

Anna is a Landscape Architect and, in her profession, she aims to take up the challenge of designing landscapes that enables spatial connections, whilst considering the diversity of perspectives of the participants.

She has a passion for contextual researching, analyzing and proposing designs that enhance sustainable approaches and mediate the relationships between anthropogenic and natural processes.

Anna completed her education in Germany and Sweden. During her professional practice in Lisbon and Berlin, she gained experience in several projects with a focus on parks, playgrounds and waterfronts. In 2018, she contributed to a residential garden design in Alcochete, Portugal, which was listed as the best Residential Condominium of the Year 2018 in Portugal.

Anna believes that nature-driven innovation and site-specificness are essential key elements for contemporary landscape architecture. Specific areas of interest to Anna include conceptual design, stormwater management and plant design.