Josefine Askfelt

(Parental leave)
Landscape architect LAR/MSA
0708-79 10 08

Josefine views landscape architecture as an opportunity to make a difference, not only for humans, nature and for generations to come.

She is passionate about concept design and finds it motivating to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that respect a sites “genius-loci”. Her strong belief is that we need to challenge the status quo through cross functional collaboration in order to achieve good results. Through her project works Josefine has developed a particular interest for a child’s place in the city, and has worked with the restoration and design school playgrounds extensively.

Josefine has been part of creating a ”practical survey tool” for school playgrounds, to help identify opportunities and constraints to inform the refurbishment and/or design of playspaces for children. She has experience from early stages to project final inspection and a number of medium to large-scale competitions with multidisciplinary teams.