Vistegården is an accommodation with three departments for dementia in Grästorp. Through the cooperative association Trygga Hem, which is owned jointly by Grästorp municipality and Riksbyggen, The building as well as the outdoor spaces are being renovated. The redevelopment is part of the municipality’s work to create safe housing for the various stages of aging.

Both indoors and outdoors, we strive for safe, joyful and pleasent environments. Instead of a feeling of institution, one feels at home and can easily enjoy the outdoor spaces. Contact with the courtyards is improved through more doors and each apartment has its own patio.

Gardens are designed with the four elements as theme – Jordgården, Luftgården, Vattengården and Eldgården. Each garden offers a varied outdoor stay with activities, sensory experiences and recreation. Existing trees have been preserved where possible and adapted to a new design with new paths and places to stay.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Grästorp
YEAR: 2O11-2O12
CLIENT: Riksbyggen
ARCHITECT: Efem arkitektkontor AB