Tångeröds Eco Village

Tångeröds Eco Village is located in a valley adjacent to Höviksnäs on Tjörn. Today, the area is largely open and undeveloped, surrounded by villas. Nearby there are valuable natural areas such as mixed forests, cliffs, meadow and sea. Therefore, the site is an important puzzle piece in the existing blue-green structure. The open meadows and pastures are characteristic of Tjörn from a cultural-historical perspective. Our work has been to highlight natural and cultural-historical values and how green spaces can be used by future residents and at the same time preserve and strengthen biodiversity.

With this project we provided guidance and created a landscape vision as well as concrete design ideas on how the eco-village can best be developed with a sustainable profile. By identifying the site’s ecosystem services, we developed a strategy and different design principles.

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CATEGORY: Landscape vision
LOCATION: Höviksnäs, Tjörn
YEAR: 2O16
CLIENT: Tångeröds Fastighetsutveckling AB