The urban space between the City Hall and “Tändsticksområdet” in Jönköping is renewed in connection with the construction of a new hotel and garage in the area. The site is currently undergoing a transformation from a former traffic-dominated site to a natural extension of the city center. The renewal of the site will reward pedestrians and traffic will take place on pedestrian terms.

During 2017-2018 MARELD was commissioned to produce design proposals for the development of Lundström’s site and the areas around Tändsticksområdet. The historical and cultural aspects have been important during the design process.

The entire Tändsticksområdet slopes topographically towards Lake Vättern. New hardened surfaces, roofs and floors generate stormwater which is seen as an asset. The design integrates possibilities to delay and infiltrate stormwater on its way to Lake Vättern.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Jönköping
YEAR: 2O17-2O19
CLIENT: The municipality of Jönköping
ARCHITECT: Enter Arkitektur