Tamsalu jubilee park

Tamsalu is a small railway town located in the middle of Estonia. In the spring of 2O15, an international competition was organized with the task of developing a park where the body consists of 1OO newly planted oaks. The 1OO oaks are a symbol of the 1OOth anniversary of Estonia as a nation. It was important for the park to have a symbolic value at national level, and it was also important for the park to respond to the daily needs of Tamsalu residents. Another priority was to keep costs down for maintenance and construction of the park.
Our concept focused on the old railway track, which became an activity route where different activities and functions could be linked depending on needs and budget. The oaks were placed in rows to give the site a distinct character and at the same time create different landscape sequences. Between the oaks, rooms were created for various meadow flowers.

MARELD’s proposal Ridade Vahel (Between the Rows) won 2nd prize.

CATEGORY: Competition
LOCATION: Tamsalu, Estland
YEAR: 2O15
CLIENT: Tamsalu vallavalitsus (municipality)