Strängnäs Cathedral

Team MARELD & Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects won third prize in the two-step competition regarding a new forum building next to the medieval Cathedral of Strängnäs. The hill is a complex site with a cluster of buildings, monuments, and historical remains. At the same time, the site is a vital part of the town fabric with important connections. The ambition and the program aim for a vitalization of the sita and to create a connecting, social hub for visitors, church staff, tourists, and the public of Strängnäs.

Our proposal is a gentle architectural approach with great respect for the Cathedral and the important heritage setting. The new forum and the park pavilion and the overall compositions, activates the great potential in the lush and green western hillside. It connects socially and interacts with the surroundings with great respect for the cultural heritage and the cathedral.

CATEGORY: Competition, third prize (out of 97)
LOCATION: Strängnäs
CLIENT: Church of Sweden
ARCHITECT: Kjellgren & Kaminsky