Stenen playground

Stenen playground is located in a residential area under development, on the outskirts of Tvååker outside Varberg. The area is characterized by pastures, gnarled oak forest, and stone walls. It is a child-friendly area with plenty of play opportunities, both on playgrounds and adjacent forest areas.

MARELD produced two separate sketch proposals for the playground. After a citizen dialogue, the proposal that got the most residents votes was developed in into a detailed proposal and taken forward for construction.

The winning proposal has taken hold of the area’s name: Stenen = “the stone”, and the fact that there are a lot of stones at the site; in the ground and in the form of walls. The playground is built on the idea of ​​a medieval village with a square in the form of a stone labyrinth (with a treasure chest in the middle). The playground is enclosed towards the pedestrian and bicycle path with a small moat with bridges and portals. The idea is to create a playful environment that is accessible and exciting, if not for everyone, then at least many. The vegetation, roses, oaks and conifers contribute to the place’s spaciousness and character.

Thanks to a close collaboration with the municipality, a lot of local and recycled material could be used. Leftover masses have been used locally to create small hills, for example for the ropeway to start from.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Tvååker, Varberg
YEAR: 2O19
CLIENT: The municipality of Varberg