In southern Uddevalla lies the district of Facklan, which formerly housed Söderskolan with its schoolyard. Within the larger block, multi-dwelling houses with tenant-owned apartments are now planned for three stages. Housing in the first phase will be senior housing according to the Riksbyggen concept ”Bonum Seniorboende”. The courtyard between the two houses is built on a garage roof. Sustainable and robust natural materials such as Bohuslän granite and wood characterize the plant’s expression. The characteristic lime trees in the western part of the block are preserved and the granite pedestal and stair blocks from the old school are reused. The storm water is handled through the bowl ditch (skåldiken) and an open water channel that invites to play.

Outside the community room, a small oasis with removable cafe furniture is built under the Japanese cherry tree crowns. Above the site hangs lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. Playground and social places for barbecues, picnics and cultivation contribute to the community of residents. A public pedestrian zone is being built across the block between Studievägen and Packhusgatan.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Uddevalla
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Riksbyggen, Bonumbostaden
ARCHITECT: Malmström Edström