Slussholmen activity park

In connection with the renewal of Södertäljes Innerstad, MARELD has produced a design proposal for Slussholmen. The proposal is based on a dialogue that the municipality had with the Södertalje residents. The proposal is builds further on the inhabitants’ ideas, which with MARELDS processing has become a design plan. The main ideas are to create a social and safe park with a connection to the water, play, swimming, café life and culture. The work has also been to produce workshop material for a second dialogue event held with high school youth from St. Ragnhildgymnasiet. After completion of the dialogue and design work, MARELD has now been hired to continue working with the design proposal by Slussholmen.

CATEGORY: Activity park
LOCATION: Södertälje
YEAR: 2O15-2016
CLIENT: The municipality of Södertälje