Sege Park

Malmö City’s vision is that by 2O25, Sege Park should have been developed into a pioneering area for sustainable, social, ecological and economic, urban building. Locally, nationally and internationally. The area will become an important development and reference area for new sustainable solutions.

MARELD, together with Kjellgren Kaminsky and Hifab, produced a competition proposal called Circularity that focuses on a symbiosis of natural, economic and individual well-being. We believe that to achieve climate-smart goals more than smart technology, smart people are needed. That is why social sustainability and collaboration are deeply entrenched in our proposal. In the first phase, our team worked more conceptually and further developed the city’s planning program. In the second competition stage, we created a design proposal based on the previous work.

The proposal Circularity was chosen as one of four finalists. Read more about Sege Park here.

CATEGORY: Competition, shared 1st prize
YEAR: 2O15-2O16
CLIENT: Nordic Built Cities, Malmö city