Säteriet – the playful forest

Förbo’s ambition to increase both social diversity and biodiversity has been a driving force in proposal of the activity park. The estate in Mölnlycke is a large residential area from the 60s that is characterized by much of its time. The architecture may be large-scale and monotonous, but the people here are happy. Being close to nature attracts and makes people stay.

There is a great spread in the cultural background of the residents. Attracting everyone to use the park is obvious but how do you get there? The work has taken off in extensive dialogues. The process was started by Förbo and further developed by MARELD in workshops and activities aimed at tenants, associations and the local school.

Minimizing the ecological footprint has been central to the design process. Wood, stone, sand – natural materials dominate. Everything that grows in the park must be edible, the roof water is used and used for cultivation and play. Oak trees that fall down become furniture, balance sticks, huts, edges and art.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Mölnlycke
YEAR: 2O16-2O17