Saluhallen Briggen

The place is dear to MARELD and just a stone’s throw from our office. As part of the project “Safe beautiful city”, the open space at Saluhallen Briggen was identified as a potential pocket park with developable qualities. MARELD was hired for design, planning and participation during the construction phase.

MARELD saw the opportunity to create a flow through the park and activate a new route between Tredje and Fjärde Långgatan. By compressing the parking lot and creating a new opening in the wall towards Fjärde Långgatan, an elongated park walk was created along the beautiful brick wall and a row of older lime trees.

With a limited budget and a great commitment from all parties, MARELD worked close to the facility. Spontaneous and new ideas emerged during the journey. MARELD proposed to create a rain garden to take care of the parking and roof water, and the city found fine granite gutters in its storage room. Park och Natur Förfaltningen had a number of oaks in stock. They were used for benches, lamp posts and edges. In a view line was a dull power plant. Here, the painter Charquipunk, in collaboration with Urban Art, created a colorful work of art that supports the concept of an urban jungle.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Gothenburg
YEAR: 2O14-2O17
CLIENT: The City of Gothenburg och HIGAB