The redesign of the square Poolplatz in Merzenich offers the chance to regain its importance, especially the function as meeting area, in order to create new structures for Merzenich.

We are inspired by the history of the Poolplatz. From the former fire pond, the place of the fair, from the club bar ’Zum Boss’ but also from the signs of earlier activity in the courtyards around. With our design, we want to bring back this spirit of activity, of work and togetherness and of collective benefit.

To do this, we first of all clean up the space. The parking is pushed aside and broken down in small parts. The traffic situation is clarified, and the space is defined more clearly. The center of the square will be leveled, thus increasing the possibilities for use. Finally, the surrounding plots of land with their courtyards will be partly expanded and partly newly built in order to offer space (structures) for a variety of uses.

CATEGORY: Competition, 2nd place
LOCATION: Merzenich, Germany
YEAR: 2O19
CLIENT: Merzenich Municipality and RWE power AG