In the spring of 2O11, MARELD was asked to produce a proposal for upgrading Polhemsplatsen. This is a park in central Trollhättan with roots from the beginning of the century.

Forming a beautiful and safe place with plenty of seating, while also taking into account the flow of people and the intrusive traffic on the adjacent street, were important issues. With sweeping lines, the park’s new expression is created. They widen and taper off with regard to movement patterns and destinations. Cut hedge volumes screen off the traffic and at the same time form a little statute to the park. The park has a more open character towards the adjoining square. The park’s pavement consists of lines of black granite, slate slabs and galvanized steel edges.

An existing sculpture with associated playful water element is maintained, it forms a nod in the park. However, the granite pool of the element is proposed to be replaced by a site-molded terrazzo form with built-in heat that harmonizes with the park’s design language.

Phosphorus stand for the lighting design.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Trollhättan
YEAR: 2O12
CLIENT: The municipality of Trollhättan