Parks in Backaplan

MARELD won the invited competition to undertake a preliminary study and designs for new park spaces as part of the Backaplan detaljplan (DP) process.

The “City Park” follows Kvillebäck River and proposes to address various social and environmental requirements as part of the city’s major re-development of the area. A bus terminal juxtaposes with a new urban activity park. This urban space gently transforms to extensive open green spaces parallel to the river. The park is bordered by new city-wide cycle routes and several new bridges connecting eastern and western areas of the plan area.

The secondary park space titled “Neighbourhood Park” is located within one of the new development areas where light industrial uses are being replaced with new mixed-use developments. The new park is strategically located between a new school, sports hall and a number of residential blocks with extensive physical and visual connections to the surrounding townscape.

City Park (Stadsdelsparken)

The City Park is a linear park that is about 100 m wide and 1 km long, approximately 10ha, and is an important part of a strategic blue and green corridors that connect central Gothenburg to the surrounding countryside. To the south the park connects to the city’s Jubilee Park and to north Hökällan Nature Reserve. Habitat creation, biodiversity, rainwater management and noise reduction have been the four major study areas during the feasibility stage.

Neighbourhood Park (Bostadsnära parken)

The Neighbourhood Park is approximately 13 500 m2 and provides an important open space as part of DP2 green infrastructure proposals. The Southern part of the park connects to Backaplans Active Urban Greenery (AUG) which is a series of smaller blue and green corridors that provide balance and harmony amongst the high-density city development.

MARELD worked in close collaboration with Stormwater & Rainwater Experts from Ramboll to integrate mitigation measures as part of the design process. All visualisations have been prepared by Visulent.


CATEGORY: Feasibility Study
LOCATION: Gothenburg
YEAR: 2O21
CLIENT: Parks- and landscape Administration, The City of Gothenburg