Öresjö outdoor area

At Öresjö are a couple of Trollhättan’s finest and most popular bathing places. MARELD has made suggestions on how to develop the area by highlighting the character of different sites and creating a wider range of activities related to water and beach life.

Connecting the various bathing places with a pleasant beach walk, accessible to all, is an important part of the proposal. We also produced an estimation on the building costs. With this disposition plan as a basis, the municipality has a tool for the future development of the area.

In 2014, MARELD gained the confidence to produce inquiry bases for the bathing areas in the far north. These are two very scenic bathing areas and the municipality is investing heavily in raising the standard with a new kiosk building and toilet. One challenge has been to solve the large level differences so that the new features become available to everyone. Furnishing and signage are given a cohesive, and specially designed design for the site.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
YEAR: 2O1O-2O14
CLIENT: The munucipality of Trollhättan