Green structure in the valley of Mölndalsån

Today, Mölndalsån is relatively hidden in the urban landscape and there are few places where the public is invited to its shores. Despite its urban location, the river is rich in species and acts as a green link in the north-south direction. The focus of the project has been to develop ideas on how to link the valley with green walks and park lanes along the Mölndalsån River, which links to adjacent nature areas.

A number of cross-links of various kinds are connected to the north-south line. It is partly about physical accessibility for pedestrian and bicycle traffic in different ways, and partly about ecological connections and visual connections to make Mölndalsån visible in the urban landscape.

From having been dominated by various industrial areas for a long time, the valley of Mölndalsån is now facing a transformation to become a green mix of offices and housing with an attractive location between the inner cities of Gothenburg and Mölndal. This requires that the entire environment to be upgraded according to sustainable development principles in order to become a good living environment and a vibrant, pleasant urban environment on a human scale.

CATEGORY: Green infrastructure
LOCATION: Gothenburg city and Mölndal city
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Gothenburg city and Mölndal city