Mjörnstranden has long been a popular recreational area for the residents of Alingsås. The water, landscape, Strandgården, Mjörnvallen, and numerous associations provide attractions.

Since all the residents of Alingsås live within walking or cycling distance from the area, everyone is affected by its development. The starting point of this design program is to identify the existing qualities of the area while adding new ones that help integrate Mjörnstranden into the town’s fabric.

Our task was to create a master plan for the area. 36 hectares of the toral 48 will be preserved as nature or close to nature areas, facilitating a wide variety of recreational uses. The remaining 12 hectares are to be developed into residential areas. The buildings and public spaces relate to and draw inspiration from the historic small-town character of Alingsås´center. Our aim was to create an attractive housing environment that also includes new meeting places in the form of squares, human-scale streets, restaurants, services, greenery, and a kindergarten.

The existing natural and cultural values were an important source of inspiration, and we also ensured that they are preserved for future generations. User experience, sightlines, bike, and pedestrian accessibility were also crucial

CATEGORY: Urban design master plan
LOCATION: Mjörnstranden, Alingsås, Sweden
YEAR: 2021-
CLIENT: Alingsås Kommun
ARCHITECT: Kaminsky Arkitektur