Kviberg Park

Kvibergs Park is one of Sweden’s most varied areas for sports and health.

The area consists of extensive sports fields, woodlands and a meandering river valley that compliment and contrast with the characteristic Barracks and new additions such as Kvibergs Arena.

MARELD was commissioned to produce an outline plan that takes a flexible holistic approach for the entire area. The outline plan will serve as a backbone in the continued work to develop Kvibergs Park into a district park that brings together the historic buildings, arena and sports area with obvious opportunities for recreation and nature experiences.

Schematic proposals were presented for green structures, places, lanes, entrances, connections and subdivisions. The proposal included a series of park icons that visually connect different areas of the park.

The outline plan shall function both as an overall management objective and as a decision basis for investment funds of individual sub-projects.

CATEGORY: Dispositionsplan
LOCATION: Gothenburg
CLIENT: Idrotts- och föreningsförvaltning, Gothenburg city