Kv Hajen

In Kv Hajen MARELD was responsible for the concept and detailed design of three residential roof gardens in the center of Mölndal, a vibrant suburb just outside Gothenburg. A set of sheltered oases was created on the windy roof. Wind and drought-hardy vegetation was chosen on more exposed locations, while edible shrubs and perennials were preferred near the private patios, common grill areas, and playgrounds. In order to maximize the narrow space between the buildings straight lines were avoided, which also improves the local micro-climate and creates a sequence of several rooms to discover.

CATEGORY: Concept and detailed design of a roof garden
LOCATION: Mölndal, Sweden
YEAR: 2015-2019
CLIENT: PEAB/Mölndalsbostäder
ARCHITECT: Fredblads Arkitekter Göteborg