Kirke-area in Kragerø

In June 2O14, the Municipality of Kragerø announced an open planning and design competition for the Church area in Kragerø. At the end of October 2O14 it was announced that MARELD won the first prize in the competition!

MARELD’s proposal ’One place, several rooms’ is based on Kragerø’s history, complexity and human scale, as well as man’s inherent desire to be social and to meet other people. The proposal means creating a green, social and flexible meeting place to use for both everyday life and events.

The church and the arts are two important functions that make their mark in the area. They each get their square, Kunsttorget and Kirkeplassen and a common park Folkeparken that ties them together. The terrain is terraced with friendly low seatting edges down a pedestrian path in the direction of the church, which in this way is highlighted and allowed to take place. The church area is given a new continuous floor of paving stones in different shades and texture, which suits the site’s angles, slopes and corners. The new unified floor gives the place a stronger identity and it becomes clear that pedestrians have priority and car traffic is a guest. The proposal also lifts and reinforces the fantastic view. By opening up the site and creating views, the Church area becomes more welcoming and inviting.

The church area is a favorite place among the Kragerø residents and the plan is to realize before the city’s 4OOth anniversary in 2O16.

CATEGORY: Public competition 1st prize
LOCATION: Kragerø, Norge
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Kragerø kommune