Karl Johan’s square

Highlighting what is, is appreciated today and developing Karl Johan’s square into a modern ”fine park” has been the goal of our proposal. Also, better shielding against the heavily congested street, clearer entrances and improved opportunity for diagonal throughput in the park, have been important targets.

Karl Johan’s square is popularly called the cake. It became our motto for the park – ”cake on cake”. The cake is a motive discount in the center of the park, appreciated by many and with a long tradition. We have let its round shape become a continuous theme in the plan proposal for the new, updated finpark. The design discount retains its place centrally in the park but receives a new circular frame of dark terrazzo-concrete. Here you can move around the plantations and experience it from different directions. Two smaller circles with the same frame, form stages to sit and lie on.

Another popular feature of today’s park is the existing magnolia trees. This area is supplemented with more magnolia trees, of different varieties, into a ”Magnolia grove”. With a couple of benches, it becomes a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the flowering.

CATEGORY: Design and detail design
LOCATION: Trollhättan
YEAR: 2O15
CLIENT: Trollhättan city