Kärdla city center

The challenge in the competition at Dagö’s main town Kärdla (Estonia), was to renew the square and create new life in the city center with, among other things, a new market hall and a new cultural center. Today, the elongated place is dominated by traffic and parking. Our proposal divides the site into a winter and summer square and creates a public environment on a human scale where culture, market and greenery meet. Our proposal Kärrdal picked up the nearby stream on the square in the form of rain gardens with alders, water play and wetland vegetation.

MARLED together with architects Bornstein Lyckefors won first prize in this general competition in 2015.

Detailed design started in 2O17 with a dialogue process with the public and high school pupils. The project was successfully completed in late 2020.

Photos courtesy of Merko and Tiit Veermäe

CATEGORY: Competition, dialouge and detailing
LOCATION: Kärdla, Estland
YEAR: 2O15 - 2O2O
CLIENT: Hiiumaa vallavalitsus (municipality)
ARCHITECT: Bornstein Lyckefors