In 2O16 the team of MARELD + atelier le balto won the international competition to design the Jubilee Park in the heart of Gothenburg. This is one of Gothenburg biggest ever park projects celebrating the city’s 4OOth anniversary. Our vision for the Jubilee Park is providing an escape from the dense city center. The park will create a refuge for people, flora and fauna alike. It will transform for industrial harbor area to a much-needed green heart for the city center, but also a vital steppingstone in a larger green-blue network.

MARELD has been commissioned to design and develop parts of the park over a five-year period. It is a process that runs on two parallel tracks – before the permanent park is completed a series of temporary parks are set up during several public workshops. This approach invites people to leave their imprint on the park both directly through building and planting, but even more importantly indirectly by voicing their interests and desires so that then can be incorporated into the final design of the permanent park. Workshop topics have ranged from seating preferences for elderly to urban sports and skateboarding. For us, the designers, such an approach offers a regular presence in the project area during different seasons, weather (it rains a lot in Gothenburg) and even different times of the day. Furthermore, the temporary parks enable us to experiment with new materials, methods and plants, and to learn more about the existing soil, water level, wind, shore, flora and fauna to name just a few of growing interests.