In the unique fall and lock area in Trollhättan lies the Innovatum area. An area where knowledge meets knowledge, including Saab Museum, restaurant, tourist information, Innovatum Science center and N3 – meeting place for young culture. Here are characteristic industrial environments with great architectural qualities but also dominant parking areas.

Mareld was tasked with drawing a temporary square formation to investigate the site’s conditions as a social meeting place. This is a pilot project for Trollhättan City which, if it turns out well, can become a working method for future projects.

By installing a recycle station, which is located in the middle of the site, with a staircase construction, a flexible piece of furniture is created for all seasons. It will be a place to hang out, a new meeting point for several nearby businesses, for restaurant guests, young people, tourists and other visitors. Several small stairs are spread out in the area and sunny locations are utilized for nice places to sit. Small messages are also painted on the ground and some walls to arouse curiosity and inform. More space for people and less for the car.

CATEGORY: Temporary square formation
LOCATION: Trollhättan
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Trollhättan city and Trollhättan Tomt AB