Hönö memorial ground

The site has already been used as a memorial grove but needed a new design. One condition was that the existing ground surface must be left untouched.

A circular granite wall clarifies the dignity of the site and forms a boundary between the shaped and natural landscape. Wavy fields of perennials, grass, stone flour and granite stoves provide a harmonious composition that adorns the ornamental area and burial area as a whole. The topography of the site is marked by the wall partially projecting into the slope at the rear of the memorial grove.

A path of natural stone slabs, forms a ”bridge” over the grass area where ashes are buried. The walkway leads over a graveled ”beach” to a paved surface where there is seating and a planting with ornamental grass and a memorial stone.

The plantings at the front of the memorial grove are a symbolic sea where the perennials create vibrant color fields in blue and green shades. Bergekar is given space to expand. A large circular granite block is a place of decoration where you can put flowers in a vase or lay a wreath. Outside the wall that surrounds the memorial grove, nature can spread with wild honeysuckle and ivy.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
YEAR: 2OO9-2O11
CLIENT: Öckerö assembly