The new urban block and it’s outdoor space facilitate a sustainable lifestyle. Multifunctionality and integrated ecosystem services are keywords. The bike is in focus with supporting functions such as a workshop and easily accessible, safe storage. Routing, garbage disposal, a sunken garage and the connected entrances are designed to support life in the garden. The greenery of the garden cooperates with the site’s sun and shade locations. In shady locations, humid gardens have been placed while fruit trees are to be found in the more sunny areas. The vegetation is partly dense and invites via paths to play and build huts, while a larger grass area allows for other activities such as ball games.

Excess water contributes to play via a play stream with a pump. The western building has a shared roof terrace with views of Copper Park and the neighborhood. The facade is also a climbing wall that interacts with the park.

CATEGORY: Public competition 1st prize
LOCATION: Gothenburg
YEAR: 2O17
ARCHITECT: Case Studio