Garveriet in Floda

Today, the tannery and the building are located as an enclave separate from the Station community and the center of Floda. The challenge lies in diminishing the perceived distance and connecting the area to the Station and Floda center. The tannery, like many older industrial environments, has fantastic conditions and opportunities.

MARELD has developed a development program for the entire area, which is divided into several stages and extends over a ten-year period. The basic idea is to create a social block of food culture, spirituality and nature.

The concept contains a strategy for three different time horizons. First, a strong focus is on building identity and communicating the place outwards. During this step, the physical structure is built up with a pedestrian street such as a backbone, playgrounds, greenhouses and cultivation opportunities to create a safe and friendly environment. In step two, most of the new buildings are added with new church and housing. In the final stage there will be additional buildings at the square and housing that will require a new floor plan.


CATEGORY: Program outline
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Private