Fyrishovs Arena has a long history where layer after layer has been added in the form of new halls and features. Today, the facility is therefore disparate in both form and architectural expression. When it’s time to further develope the Arena in the Fyrishov competition, it is a good place to think about how to keep everything together.

MARELD together with Erséus Architects participated with the proposal ”Å bada… Å bada”. The competition was completed in two stages where we finally got third prize.

Fyrishov today is a somewhat incoherent facility and does not need a new outgrowth that further complicates logistics and cohesion. The proposal ”Å bada… Å bada” design a compact and effective volume that also save as much as possible of the outdoor environment to create a new city park worth the name. The potential exists, and must be exploited, to give the densley populated urban area a much-needed green break.

The river Fyrisån is the park’s blue artery and parts of the river runs through Uppsala, from north to south. Historically Fyrishov has emerged in harmony with the river and the bath has literally sprung from the waters of Fyrisån. It’s therefore ot the utmost importance that the new Fyrishov becomes a natural part of the Fyrisån river. The proposal is based on the three sustainability aspects – ecological, social and economically. Soft beach zones, saving valuable trees and coherent green structure is sought. The park is supplemented with species richness and biological diversity. Rain gardens, wetlands and beach zones provide valuable multifunctional surfaces. Stormwater from roofs and hardened surfaces is delayed, infiltrated and purified. The pelous, the grass areas and the beach zones are important during heavy rain and high flows. The basement and the lower part of the bathhouse is given waterproof construction and barrier used in an emergency.

By creating an open and flexible park more meeting opportunities are created between people with different ages and backgrounds. Colony area, camping, swimming and playground combined with reprogrammed open structures that invite spontaneous activities and events. The park will be a meeting point and important green park for the whole Uppsala.

CATEGORY: Competition, third prize
LOCATION: Uppsala, Sweden
CLIENT: Fyrishov AB, the municipality of Uppsala & Sveriges Arkitekter
ARCHITECT: Erséus Architects