Floda center

In the fall of 2O12, the municipality of Lerum announced a general architectural competition for Floda center. 59 proposals were submitted. Second prize was awarded to MARELD, who was commissioned to work with the winner Mandaworks & Hosper, to work out a joint skeleton plan. Floda will become a vibrant and sustainable station community with green dense structure and efficient communications, a role model for future, metropolitan commuting.

MARELD + Ferrum’s proposal is based on keeping the scale of the old station community that gives Floda its character and combining this with new interesting elements. To make Floda’s core and soul shine again has been an important part of our analysis. It is reflected in people’s lives and attitudes of the people you meet.

We want to fill the center with life and human presence. Dead ends, backwater and unsafe environments are removed by creating or enhancing routes that feel natural and useful in people’s everyday lives. The backside is transformed to a front and the center becomes a fun and warm place. Our goal is a structure in which Floda develops into a sustainable future.

CATEGORY: Public competition, 2nd prize
LOCATION: Floda, the municipality of Lerum
YEAR: 2O13