Flen skateplaza

In 2O16 the municipality of Flen was eager to renew the city square to generate more life in the center with new meeting spaces, walking routes, tree planting, furnishing and skateboard friendly architecture to add vibrancy and life to the square.

The design work took inspiration from the existing 7O’s plaza, the Vertical Strävan sculpture and the existing striped paving pattern.

MARELD and Pivotech Skatepark Designers produced a masterplan together with local skateboard associations, various municipal departments and the citizens. The square combined “skate elements” with functions such as market spaces and meeting rooms. The sculptural ”skate forms” made it possible to divide the square into several rooms for different types of use – meetings, relaxing, movement, planting and of course skateboarding. Elevated levels created soil volumes for new tree planting and new ways in which to appreciate the Vertical Strävan sculpture.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
YEAR: 2O16-
CLIENT: The city of Flen