Färjenäsparken is a 15 ha park located on Hisingen on the northern abutment of Älvsborgsbron. The area has a rich history that reaches all the way back to the birth of Gothenburg.

In 2O1O the councils Park and Nature Department completed an activity spot in the northeast corner of the park. The first step to transform the area into a city park where everyday recreational life, as well as large events and live shows can take place. The main feature of the ongoing project is the Pelouse, a large central lawn, where users can experience the surroundings of the post-industrial landscape, the landmarks, the passing ships and the vibrant city life along the River Älv.

The Pelouse is framed by two eco designed forest edges which provide the park with several important functions such as enhanced biodiversity, wind protection, shielding and experiential values.

The visualizations are made by Visulent.

CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Gothenburg
CLIENT: The City of Gothenburg