Campus Skövde

The University of Skövde is in many ways a classic campusarea. A large, generous park surrounded by school buildings. The rigorous architecture of the old regiment still gives character to the environment.

The assignment was two-fold. On the one hand, they wanted to convert Högskolevägen into a street that prioritizes pedestrians more than today’s efficient car street. Firstly, a review was needed on the design of the entrance area. The main entrance to the college has a beautiful view on the park but is difficult to find for the first time visitor.

We identified parts of the green structure that obscured important sight lines, mapped important pedestrian and bicycle lanes, proposed a redeployment of bicycle parking, and added generous meeting areas and places to be at the entrance. Through new sunken rain gardens, the outdoor environment increases both the ecological value as the experience.

CATEGORY: Program outline
YEAR: 2O16
CLIENT: Akademiska hus