Bengtsfors city center

The center of Bengtsfors has received a great facelift with new fresh materials and stronger urban vibe. Bengtsfors is the central location for an area surrounded by forests, lakes and exciting wilderness. In the renewal of the center, the ambition has been to introduce elements from the forest and lakes in the city’s living room in a stylized form. Plantings can contain species that we find naturally in the landscape. Water mirrors and water games are reminiscent of lakes and streams. Wooden surfaces in the ground and sitting areas give warm wilderness feeling. Everything is given a caring design in modern vintage.

The work kicked off in the project ’Design with care’ where accessibility and user participation are important elements.

Among the most important components of the concept are the Waterplay, which is a stylized water play inspired by Dalsland’s canal, the oak-covered oval Scene with sail roofs and the Square-stairs with its seating racks of oak mounds and granite stairs.

CATEGORY: Design and detail design
LOCATION: Bengtsfors
YEAR: Stage 1 finished 2OO9 & stage 2 in 2O1O-2O11
CLIENT: The municipality of Bengtsfors