Aspen strand

Aspedalen is located in the municipality of Lerum. Our work on the quality program took off with the winning competition proposal in Europan 1O of Marco Pusterlas and Jesus Matéo.

The location at Lake Aspen is scenic and has good public transport links with a commuter train station close by. The conditions for a new residential area are thus good. The site’s challenges consist of noise from the highway and a cumbersome geotechnology with limited opportunities to fill up to flood-safe levels. MARELD participated in the work on the quality program focusing on urban spaces, gardens and street environments. We worked creatively with stormwater and ground levels to create good conditions for living outdoor spaces.

CATEGORY: Quality program
YEAR: 2O17
CLIENT: The municipality of Lerum
ARCHITECT: Jakobsson Pusterla arkitekter, Zero architects