Askim askgravlund

Four teams worked out was their proposal for a new parish hall and cremation/scatter garden. On a noisy plot, in the north and with large differences in levels, it was a major challenge. Our proposal prioritized the proximity between church and parish halls. With its location on a natural ridge, the parish home helps to shield the traffic noise and create a quiet environment in the scatter garden.

Askgravlunden’s cohesive theme is ”Klippan och lunden”. It has a body consisting of three parts. A lower part with a place of jewelery, an intermediate level where the names of the buried are mounted on pillar walls and an upper level with ground surface. Height differences between the different parts are handled using terraced stone walls and it is possible to move between the three levels without stairs. The lower parts have a slightly tighter character which transforms to softer shapes in the upper part. There are plenty of seating options, both at the adornment site, nameplates and grounding area. Relatives have the opportunity to choose between two types of nameplate. A more traditional, square bronze sign affixed to a timber pillar wall made of oak and a sign in the form of a leaf.

CATEGORY: Parallel assignment
YEAR: 2O13
CLIENT: The Church of Sweden
ARCHITECT: Arkitekttriangeln