Ängsjögården preschool

We know that some projects will shape and be of importance to the users for a long time to come. Preschools belong to that category. This is one of the child’s first meetings with public architecture, The playground lays the foundation for motoric skills, the ability to think creatively and to function in social contexts.

Ängsjögården’s preschool in Rydboholm, south of Borås, was an existing preschool with a new exciting extension. Choosing sustainable natural materials such as wood and natural stone characterize the site’s expression. The extension has a small inner courtyard with water play element.

On the strong sloping site were a number of characterful old oaks that were maintained, and small playhouses were added, an environment that inspires imagination and creativity. The differences in height of the garden are used smartly with seating edges and play elements. The children’s interest in nature and cultivation is encouraged with cultivation in wooden boxes and a small green house.


CATEGORY: Concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Rydboholm
YEAR: 2O14
CLIENT: Viskaforshem
ARCHITECT: MA Arkitekter