Södra Värtan

The garden and roof landscape consist of multifunctional areas for recreation, play and biodiversity. Supportive functions such as cultivation lots, workshops, studios, recycling rooms are carefully planned in. Activities are concentrated in a social hub in the sunny area of the garden. The sun-facing stand, seats, cultivation maze and delivery boxes support the hub. The garden and the roof are a palette of nature compositions adapted for the site. The yard’s surfaces and corridors and the bicycle repair shop support the bicycle culture. It will be safe and easy for children to learn to explore the city by bicycle. The delivery boxes are collected in what we call the urban cellar. The boxes are easily accessible for deliveries as well as favoring garden life and the local economy.

The roof of the basement is a sunny meadow hill that can serve as both a picnic area and a sledding hill in winter. The storm water is fully utilized, from irrigation, purification and delay to play and experience. On the roof is a restaurant with greenhouses and hydroponic crops.

CATEGORY: Public competition, concept design and detailing
LOCATION: Stockholm
YEAR: 2016-2017