Walk this way

MARELD has the commission to prepare design proposals woodland walk in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg. The project is led by Bostadsbolaget AB with the aim of improving safety, biodiversity and recreational values on the site. Earlier in the week a start meeting was held on site with project group on crisp winters morning where Corona safe distances were maintained!

Preliminary works include the surveying of existing site vegetation and the preparation of a management plan for the removal scrub ​​vegetation.

The second stage of the project works will be the preparation of landscape design and lighting proposals along the woodland walk. Existing lighting will be complimented to improve lighting levels and security. Lighting design aims to highlight natural elements such as mature trees and rock outcrops. Existing biological values will be retained and enhanced with the introduction of designed spaces and functions.

Our initial design ideas include new meeting spaces and nature-themed training and play elements, connected with new paths that are adjusted to the site topography.