The savannah playground

MARELD have designed a new playground for the district Brunnsberg in Varberg.

The site’s already existing feeling of savannah was enhanced by plantings of grass and perennials in a yellow-orange color scheme. Wooden piles have been painted with stencils of animal patterns; zebra, giraffe and leopard. In the middle of the playground we find the king of the savannah, a play construction in the shape of a large elephant with a trunk in form of a slide. Its two little baby elephants close by.

Here you can ride a crocodile, tiptoe on steppingstones through the tall grasses and ride the ropeway between two giraffes. In the village with the small playhouses and barbecue hut you can gather in a group and have a seat on the benches inside the hut or outside in the circle of wooden blocks.

To improve the site’s biodiversity, the existing forest edge has been extended to create even more edge zone environments and sand blots has been created for sand bees etc.

Read more about the project here.