MARELD starts an Urban Design Studio

As of June 2O2O MARELD, will complement the landscape studio with a new studio focusing on Urban Design and Development!

During recent years, MARELD has successfully won several major urban design competitions in Sweden as well as abroad. More recently the employment of Åsa Setterby Modeus (prev. RADAR) and Simone de Bergh (prev. White) significantly strengthened MARELDs competence in the field of Urban Design and Development and thus inspired the decision to start the Urban Design Studio.

Åsa holds the role of Studio Leader.

MARELDs Urban Design Studio will strengthen and illuminate our ability to take the lead role in designing socially, economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

We know that with landscape architecture as our core value and a subject very close to heart, we have the best prerequisites for advancing our works with green/blue/grey infrastructures. As landscape architects we have great flexibility in the way that we approach our works. We have the ability to switch between the large and small scale, to study and understand places and to design with nature but we want to find new ways of working innovatively and sustainably with built environments and the ever changing world that we live in today.

One of MARELDs strengths is our capability to form tailor made teams optimizing the competence required for each specific project, site and task. As and when required, we will continue to collaborate with experts, friends and associates from our well-established network across Scandinavia and Europe.

PS: We will continue to add complementary expertise to our team, so keep an eye out for interesting job postings on our website or social media channels. Alternatively you can send a spontaneous application to