MARELD Runner-up in German competition

Together with Cityförster Rotterdam we have made an urban and landscape design for Poolplatz, a square in the center of Merzenich. Our proposal was rewarded with a shared place as runner-up, out of 12 invited offices.

Merzenich is a small town close to Hambach and one of the last and largest surface mines of Europe is deeply affected by the Energy Transition.

Poolplatz has served as a parking for the past decades and the municipality asked for a new perspective and innovative ideas to revive the square and its surroundings based on affordable housing and improved living conditions. We have been working with the courtyard typology which is typical in this town. By opening up the courtyards the identity of Merzenich formed by the making industry and strong social life becomes visible.

While we didn’t win this one, the Jury speaks highly about the distinct programmatic additions and the skillful spatial organisation of what they expect to be a lively space with a strong identity based in the evocative history of the place.

Congratulations to the winners LILL + SPARLA and fellow runner-ups LAND  and Lutcherhand.

Project in collaboration with Cityförster.