MARELD celebrates Gothenburg’s anniversary with a book about the design process of Jubileumsparken

The book – Process Prototype Park – gives an overview of the work of team MARELD & atelier le balto in Jubileumsparken since 2016. To us, it has been a fantastic journey of sharing knowledge, philosophy, and design principles that we’ve thoroughly documented and now published in print. Jubileumsparken as a whole is a park collage created by tens of artists, architects and landscape architects, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of visitors. It is a collaboration between several disciplines, interest groups and actors. By no means does this book cover all of the aspects involved in the inception and realisation of the project, but it does encapsulate the essence of Jubileumsparken, which is about experimentation, public participation, and collaboration. It also shows what the park represents to us — a manifestation of urban wilderness in design and spirit.

The book is available at Röhsska gift shop and MARELD’s office. For more info, please contact