Landscape & Rainwater Design Programme, Western Green Corridor, Brunnshög

MARELD won the direct procurement of a design programme for the western green corridor in Brunnshög, Lund.

Team MARELD together with Ramboll, Projektteknik – Ljus and Visulent will prepare a design proposal that will allow new communities to adapt and engage with this new city district whilst meeting the cities vision of creating an interesting and sustainable urban environment for future generations. The proposals will include extensive management of rainwater using various delay techniques. Topography along linear park will be modelled to managed larger water volumes in cloud-burst situation.

On the site visit we took the opportunity to visit Kunskapsparken and Nobelparken in the Brunnshög area and Dagvattenpark in Malmö together with the municipality. All three providing critical in-site into our forthcoming works with the Western Green Corridor in Brunnshög.