Fristad is getting a new park by the station!

For several years the municipality of Borås have been working to develop a new park area in Fristad. A centrally located pine woodland near the train station has been designated as the location for a new activity park. The project which has been named Station Park will include play spaces, outdoor training facilities and a skatepark.

MARELD have been commissioned, through our framework agreement, to develop proposals for the skatepark. A combination of different types of skateboard environments – street, flow and beginners that will work with the existing woodland structure, particularly the integration of several semi-mature pine trees (Pinus sylvestris) and the existing, slightly undulating woodland topography. It is our aim to minimise the use of concrete and seek alternative, more sustainable sources of skateboard-friendly surfaces. Rainwater will be managed through designed run-off to existing low points within the woodland.

The project is being developed sequentially in 3D from conceptual design through various work stages including dialogue with the local skateboard club through to detail design. The end status will be a complete construction documentation.