At MARELD we are always looking for new ways to work with 3D design software to help us design and communicate project works. Over the next few weeks, we will be demonstrating our expertise in 3D design and modelling starting with SketchUp.

We have found SketchUp particularly suitable for early design works, for example site appraisal, competition, and dialogue processes where we want to quickly explore complex geometries, organic forms and the height and shape of project areas.

The program is so user-friendly that it enables us to communicate design process and ideas openly with project and user-groups.

With Sketchup, we work in parallel with AutoCAD, Adobe suite and handful of useful plug-ins to seamlessly incorporate 3D models at every stage of the design process, providing a detailed and realistic view of the final product.

The animation below is taken from the Söder Plantering (Skate)park project in Simrishamn demonstrating how we have used SketchUp to resolve several complex interfaces between the skatepark and the surrounding park environments.